The Benefits of Choosing Prefabricated Bridges

One of the benefits of working with a trusted fabrication specialist such as King Fabrication is that we have the experience and the expertise to handle even the most challenging tasks. One area of expertise for the company is building prefabricated bridges. And in this latest post, we’ll explain more on our work as we explore the benefits of choosing prefabricated bridges for your project. Read how prefabricated bridges reduce labor costs, reduce wasted material, increase worker safety and enhance quality control. Additionally, you can see this in action by watching this time-lapse video of King Fabrication’s construction of the Dallas Street Bridge.

Lower Labor Costs

A leading advantage of choosing prefabricated bridges is that it lowers labor costs for the project. Instead of having to integrate the bridge and the bridge components as part of one large project, the bridge is premade so that it just has to be integrated at the site. This limits the number of people that have to be involved in the construction work as more of the fabrication can be completed by machining.

Less Wasted Material

Prefabrication for bridges ensures that all elements of the project are precise. In building bridges from the ground up a team of people will have to determine how much material to use based on rough calculations. Prefabricated bridges require only the amount of materials exactly necessary to complete the work. And this often means there is less waste during the construction process. It’s a significant benefit when considering the environmental advantages of limiting material waste.

Higher Worker Safety

Because of the limited requirement for complex building work on the site for the bridge, the worker safety level is also high for prefabricated bridges. Workers won’t have to scale challenging heights to install components and won’t have to work with large moving pieces as part of the integration work. Then worker safety levels remain high while the client achieves the ideal bridge for the local building project.

Quality Control

The quality control levels when building a bridge have to be a paramount consideration. With millions of people using the bridge over the coming years, companies can achieve significantly higher levels of quality control using prefabricated products. Prefabricated bridges are built using precision-guided technology to help ensure the ideal solution for the client. This limits the potential for quality control issues and ensures the highest levels of performance over many years.

Our trusted team at King Fabrication is here to guide you in choosing prefabricated bridges. To learn more about our services, call us today!