In-House Precision Machining from King Fabrication Saves You Money While Improving Quality

When companies choose King Fabrication for their heavy fabrication project, one of the biggest selling points is often our all-in-one turnkey service.  Our central production facilities are a gigantic complex that offer true end-to-end services, from design to fabrication to shipment, all under one roof.

One major part in this process is our precision machining services, and ability to manufacture custom components as needed.  We have a full component shop in-house, with a wide variety of machines capable of producing parts and components both large and small.  This gives us several significant benefits over our competition.

The Benefits of King Fabrication Precision Machining Services

  1. Custom Design Work

We aren’t limited to working with off-the-shelf components.  If your project calls for innovative designs or solutions that simply don’t exist yet, we can make it happen.  Our component designers can work directly with our other engineers to ensure every aspect of the project aligns, making new designs eminently achievable.

  1. Superior QC

It’s no secret that one of the biggest issues in “cheap” manufacturing – particularly overseas – is the tendency to use outsourced component providers with questionable QC.  That’s simply not an issue with King Fabrication.  By keeping everything in-house whenever possible, we can guarantee tight QC tolerances on our projects from end to end.

When you’re designing bridges, refineries, ports, and other mission-critical heavy architecture, failure is not an option.  King Fabrication can make that possible.

  1. Lower Costs

When we formed in 1997, in the middle of the “offshoring” rush to move manufacturing to cheaper overseas locations, we knew we had to be able to compete on price while still delivering superior engineering.  Keeping everything under one roof is a big part of that.  Our logistical costs are slashed compared to most of our competition, allowing us to bring you custom precision machining at excellent rates.

  1. Even the Competition Hires Us

It’s true – our manufacturing facilities are so advanced that even other fabrication firms often turn to us for custom component design and manufacturing work.  They know that King Fabrication will give them the quality they need – and we can deliver that same quality on your projects as well.

Turn to King Fabrication for Top-Quality Fabrication

From “assists” on larger projects to all-in-one design and fabrication of even the largest structures, King Fabrication can handle it.  Contact us to consult on your next project.