Why King Fabrication Is the Best Steel Fabrication Near Me

If you’re in the Houston area and search Google for “steel fabrication near me,” you’re going to get a lot of hits.  After all, as a booming center of commerce and manufacturing with a prime Gulf Coast location, dozens of steel fabrication shops both large and small are all centered here.

However, if you’re here, then you don’t need to bother looking for ” steel fabrication near me,” because you’ve found the best.  King Fabrication is one of the top steel fabricators on the Gulf Coast, and we have both the experience and the resources to see your project done right!

Four Reasons to Choose King Fabrication for Your Next   Steel Project

  1. Years of experience.

You don’t last twenty years in fabrication without creating quality projects, time after time.  Over the years, we’ve grown constantly into becoming one of Houston’s busiest steel fabrication facilities, with an extensive list of satisfied clients that include highly-demanding operations such as the US Army Corps of Engineers.  You’ll be hard pressed to find comparable experience elsewhere.

  1. Superior location.

Shipping costs are, of course, a major factor to consider in fabrication and construction.  We have, almost inarguably, one of the best possible locations for keeping those costs low.  We have our own marine yard on the Houston Ship Channel, as well as being situated right off of the Interstate Highway exchange and near to Bush Intercontinental Airport as well.

Simply put, wherever you need materials shipped to or from, we can see it done at a minimum of extra shipping costs.

  1. A huge all-in-one facility.

Our main fabrication plant covers over 18 acres and has nearly 190,000 square feet all under one roof.  This provides us with a level of oversight and quality control that most other shops simply cannot match, particularly those who are forced to outsource aspects of their manufacturing.  We do everything in-house.  In fact, other competitors in the area often outsource to us thanks to the wide variety of services we offer!

  1. True turnkey services.

Because we have such a huge facility, and so many experts on-staff, we can take care of you from beginning to end.  From design consultation and drafting, to fabrication, to transportation and installation, we can handle it all.  We even have a custom parts fabrication shop in-house, to handle special needs as they arise.

King Fabrication Truly Is the Leading  Steel Fabrication Near Me 

If you’re looking for the best, you’ve found it.  Our years of experience, incredible location, and vast range of in-house services puts King Fabrication over the top.  Contact us today to conduct a full consultation on your next fabrication project.