What to Look for When Requesting Precision Machined Parts

Precision machined parts provide companies with a high level of performance over manually created
products. They’re less labor-intensive to create and can be built more cost-effectively than the
alternative manually-built parts. But it’s important to know how to separate quality companies offering
precision machined parts over the rest of the market. And so, within this post, we’ll explain more
on what to look for when requesting precision machined parts.

How many parts can the company build; and, within what kind of timeframe would they be able to
deliver the parts? It’s often important to work with a larger specialist for precision machined parts as
they can deliver on a large order in a quick timeframe. Make sure you discuss the company’s capacity
with their team well ahead of the planned delivery date, as this can ensure the parts arrive ahead of

Cost Per Part
The cost per part is a critical consideration when ordering precision machined parts, especially when
you’re choosing a part for a smaller project. The lower the cost per part, the higher the potential return
on investment your firm can achieve within the machining process. The specialist should be able to
provide you with detailed cost analysis before the machining work begins.

Quality Control
When analyzing a company’s machining work, it’s important that you closely consider their quality
control processes. Make sure they’re committed to quality control certifications and that they have
detailed information on the equipment they use, its maintenance schedule and its performance in past
projects. Another important consideration is the parts failure rate, as this often provides an indicator on
part quality and control levels.

Flexible Machining Options
During the completion of the machining work, a technician might encounter a challenge with a
particular substrate that requires them to alter their design path. It’s important the company is flexible
in the types of machining expertise they can offer within their shop. Make sure they have a varied level
of experience throughout their organization, as this will help ensure any design hurdles can be
overcome later in the project.
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