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King Fabrication is pleased to unveil its newest addition of a large capacity machine shop!  The machining division works as an independent entity of King Fabrication and provides complementary services to the Company’s huge structural fabrication and bridge assembly shop.

Our Capacity

Thompson Grinder

This grinder has a 22-foot stroke, 6-foot wide table and 42” under the wheel.  The size of our grinder allows us to hold superior tolerances and meet fast turn-around deadlines.  Some of our projects are grinding bed-ways, large gates and segments, pumps and turbine split-lines.


Giddings and Lewis Horizontal Boring Mill

Our 6” spindle HBM has a 20-foot long table by 6-feet wide.  We mill 16-foot racks in one pass on this machine, which increases turn-around and significantlyreduces price by only setting up the machine one time.  King Fabrication has tail stocks for all the HBM’s which allows us to precision line bore parts and better hold sizable items.  We also have numerous sized boring head attachments enabling us to bore out parts, cut large seats and grooves.

Wotan Horizonal Boring Mill

This 5” spindle HBM is a three axes machine with a built in rotary table measuring 60” x 96” x 72”.   The rotary table with our additional equipment allows us to cut compound angles.


Summit Vertical Turret Lathe

This VTL has a 98” chuck, 103” swing and 72” travel.  With this machine, we can easily face large flanges.


Our large capacity machines and specialized accessories allow us to provide unique and quality products for our customers. If you have any questions our sales team has over 20 years of experience and is here to help you with any of your grinding or machining needs.  Please feel free to contact us anytime at