Prefabricated Bridges by King Fabrication

When you need a bridge project done on-schedule and within budget, while knowing you can trust it to handle the traffic demands, turn to King Fabrication.

Prefabricated bridges are one of our specialties.  We are skilled in working with a variety of bridge engineering types including pipe arch, girder, and heavy truss, for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  Our bridge designs are both solid engineering and beautiful to look at, and many have already become local icons.

Better yet, prefabricated bridges from King Fabrication can save you money.  Due to our unique end-to-end engineering and manufacturing services, along with our excellent placement on the Houston Gulf Coast, we can create and deliver your bridge at a minimum of extra expense while still guaranteeing QC from end to end. King Fab holds the AISC certification for Major Bridge with the Fracture Critical Endorsement.

If you look at our work, we believe you’ll agree that it is both well-engineered and truly iconic.

A Look at Some of King Fabrication’s Prefabricated Bridges

Highland Bridge – Denver, CO

One of our favorite designs, the Highland Bridge also quickly became a local landmark, connecting downtown Denver to the nearby Highland residential neighborhood.  The sweeping steel ribs create a single instantly-recognizable arch that towers 70 feet above the walkway at its highest point.

Rosemont Bridge – Houston, TX

The 780-foot curved truss Rosemont Bridge was designed to carry both walkers and bicyclers here in Houston, creating an easy path over Buffalo Bayou.  This linked north and south sides of the city, increasing the ability for pedestrians to get around and increasing consumer usage.  The gentle flowing design looks great, while still being comfortable to traverse.

Arapaho Road – Addison, TX

Demonstrating that we can deliver noteworthy architecture even within a limited budget, the Arapaho Road Bridge has become a well-loved addition to the growing Dallas suburb of Addison.  Our tied-arch construction eliminated the need for lateral bracing, while giving it a wonderful low-weight feel.

American Tobacco Trail – Durham, NC

Described as a “work of steel art” by local journals, our American Tobacco Trail Bridge might be our favorite.  This pedestrian bridge is gorgeous at night, while providing a vital link extending the American Tobacco Trail across NC Highway 54.

King Fabrication Can Make It Happen

We’re always looking forward to our next major bridge project.  If you want to combine artistry, engineering, and superior design at affordable costs, contact King Fabrication today.