Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Houston Steel Fabrication Company

With so many Houston steel fabrication options, how do you find the right facilities for your business needs?  Manufacturing and construction are booming on a global scale, but that doesn’t mean every player in the industry is as good as every other.  On the contrary, it means there are a lot of “wannabes” who may not be able to get the job done, and you can’t risk your investment on those.

These are the top factors to look for when sorting through your options in Houston steel fabrication facilities.

How to Know You’ve Found a Top Houston Steel Fabrication Shop

  1. A true dedication to customer service.

The reputation of a steel fabrication facility is built upon the success of its clients.  Those that go above and beyond to ensure the client gets exactly what they need, to spec -or better- and within budget, are those producing successful projects.  Ask your prospective contractors to provide examples of when they’ve gone above and beyond.

  1. Past clients.

A steel fabrication shop in Houston with a suitably long history should, without fail, have a thorough list of satisfied past clients that they can provide as references.  In particular, look for a company which has worked with high-profile groups such as the US Army Corps of Engineers.  When even the best and most demanding of clients trust them, that’s a good sign you can trust them too.

  1. Direct oversight -and preferably ownership- of the manufacturing process.

It’s very easy, and unfortunately common, for manufacturing facilities to cut corners or outsource critical work to other facilities.  This might save them money, but the issue is, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to truly guarantee quality on everything which is produced.

To have genuine QC guarantees, a Houston steel fabrication facility should be able to oversee all its products at every step along the way.  This doesn’t necessarily mean they own all aspects of production, but it helps a lot.  If they have everything under one roof, even better – than means you can have dedicated project managers keeping an eye on the project from start to finish.

  1. International connections.

Construction is an international business, and anyone who can’t work overseas as well as domestically is strictly a two-bit operation.  Further, this can work to your advantage in several ways.  It means they have more resources to call upon, and a wider assortment of supply lines.  It also means they may be able to provide additional resources on future projects, particularly if you’re also looking to build internationally.

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