Unique Bridges



Arapaho Road – Addison, Texas

Open to traffic in January 2006, the 1,575 ft. long Arapaho Road bridge creates a striking gateway into the town’s restaurant district. It has been described as “a visually lovely ‘statement’ employing innovative use of standard materials to stay within a tight budget”. The bridge is an example of tied-arch construction, with pre-cast/pre-stressed U-beams – each 85 ft. long – and deck panels, and is suspended by a series of steel rope hangers which attach to the arches and cast-in-place concrete diaphragms. The design is also notable for its use of round pipe for the arch rib, which was painted “Frank Blue” (in honor of Mr. Sinatra!) to tie the bridge into the town’s most famous public art piece – the “Blueprint of Addison” sculpture. The use of round pipe was not only stylistically valuable, it also provides a high strength arch with good capacity against buckling and eliminates the need for lateral bracing.

Arapaho Road Prefabricated bridge Addison